Freelance Drupal Developer

Who am I?

I'm a Dutch software developer based in Berlin. After more then 10 years of developing web and windows applications in VB, Deplhi, C# and JAVA, about 3 years ago I fell in love with a CMS: DRUPAL.
I have concentrated on Drupal development ever since. As a coder, my focus lies on module development and sitebuilding. But if you need your site designed as well, i cooporate with some great design agencies!

Why Drupal?

After the initial learning curve I found that I could get a site with lots of functionality up and running in a fraction of the time needed in for example C#. There are thousands of extremely useful modules available, and using views, panels, feeds, rules, organic groups and a number of smaller modules, you can mostly cover 90% of your functionality. And what's missing can be covered with custom module development.
And not unimportant: It's open source. Which is a relieve to work with after spending a decade in a microsoft environment.

Drupal Commerce

With drupal commerce, drupal offers a powerful and extensible commerce platform. I have implemented a number of drupal commerce websites, some of which have been heavily customised. Integration of both a B2C and B2B (wholesale) site, facetted search, interfacing with ERP software, product import, integration with fullfillment centers, etc.

Technical Skills

Programming languages: PHP, C#, JAVA, Visual Basic, Delphi, C, C++
Databases: mySQL, SQL Server (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer), Oracle, MaxDB
Webstuff: ajax, css, javascript, jquery, xml
Source Control: MS VSS, SVN, GIT


Selected Drupal Projects
I am especially proud about this one - the webshop of the fantastic Berlin based electronic music label INNERVISIONS: This one targets a worldwide audience of both B2C and B2B customers. Offers continuous play of music between page-loads, custom coded invoice generation, Role and Country-based VAT-rules, integration of DHL & Hermes shipping software.  And loads of... + continue reading
Frankies Garage is an e-commerce site targeting both Consumer and Wholesale clients. Custom pricing for wholesalers, different workflows for B2B and B2C, automatic print catalog generation, integration of a fulfillment center and a shopfinder have been implemented. Design by
With being a more or less standard shop, this site was completely build using drupal commerce. A good example for how far you can get in drupal with hardly any coding.
Moneycompass is a financial comparision website where users can compare different financial services of a broad range of banks. There is also a whitelabel version of the site that is used by a number of financial advisor chains in Germany.
To be launched soon
Photography website for berlin based photo journalist Daniel Rosenthal. Lot's of jQuery development to always use all available space for the imaging. News, Stories, Customer download area, tearsheets, fullscreen views, contact sheets. Design by
Responsive Website for a Berlin based HR Consultancy Firm. Contains a jobsearch with ajaxified facetted search. Design by